October 21-23, 2018 Аntalya-Turkey


Dear Colleagues,        

SADAB are inviting you to 2nd International Conference on Social Researches and Behavioral Sciences, which will be held on  October 21-23, 2018 in Antalya-Turkey.

Our conference aims to bring together the researchers, administrators, experts, teachers, The mission of SADAB to provide a platform for researchers, academicians as well as other professionals from all over the world to present their research results in Social Sciences. Another goal of our conference is also to support, encourage and provide a platform for young researchers to present their research within the international community and to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge in a scientific environment.

The papers presented in the conference will be published in the Journal of Social Research & Behavioral Sciences and Journal of International Management & Social Researches. The languages of conference are English, Russian and Turkish.

We would like to invite you to share your experience and your research about social sciences with the colleagues.

We highly encourage submissions of abstracts and/or full text papers in the following topic areas.

Topic Areas

Archaeology, Banking and Insurance, Western Art and Contemporary Art, Geography, History, Information and Document, Management,  Information Technologies, Regional Studies, Child Development, Linguistics, Econometrics,

Philosophy, Finance, Journalism and Media, History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social and Cultural Psychology, Research in psychotherapy, Psychometry and assessment, Child Development,  Psychology and gender studies, psychology of religion, sociology of religion, Visual Communication and Design, Public relations,

Economic thought, History of Economics, Communication Studies, Public administration, Macro economics, Finance, Microeconomics, Accounting, Quantitative Decision Methods, Organization, Ottoman Institutions Civilization, Learning-Cognitive-Bio-Experimental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Marketing, Advertising, History of art, Cinema,

Political Thoughts, Political Life and Institutions, Political Science, Political history, Religious Studies, Social service, Social Policy, Social Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Tourism, Turkish Islamic Art, International

Economics, International Relations, International trade, International Psychology, International Finance,   Production and Operations Management, Local Authorities, Urban and Environmental Policies, Management information systems, Comparative Economic Systems, World languages & Literature, Intercultural Education.