Author Guidelines

  1. Every article, translation, thesis studies, interviews and presentations written in the field of the conference. All papers sent to the symposium are required to be unpublished.
  2. The accepted languages will be Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic
  3. The abstracts sent by the authors will be examined by Conference Organizing Committee if the scientific criteria and the writing rules are appropriate, the committee will send a acceptance letter. If corrections are required the author may make changes within the specified limits.
  4. The opinions expressed in the writings sent to the conference belong to their authors. Legal, economic and ethical responsibilities are directed to the writers.


Abstract Writing Rules


Paper headings/titles All capital letter, Times New Roman, 12 points/punto
Abstract text Times New Roman, 12 points
Abstract word count At Least 150, most 200 words
Key words At least 4 keywords should be written in the abstract
Author name/names Name should be written in small, Last name should be capitalized
Institution and title Authors’ institutions and titles should be specified
Contact address E-mail, telephone and postal addresses of the authors mentioned in the paper
Author to present Name and contact addresses should be specified


Full Text Paper Writing Rules

Font: Times New Roman, 12  with 1 line spacing. There should be a letter space left after period and comma marks.

Margins: All Edges (Right, left, top, bottom) should be 2.5 cm.

Paragraph margins: First 0 nk, than 6 nk.

Paragraph indent: none

References showing: The resources used in paper, should be specified in the text according to APA style.

Bibliography: The sources used for the paper should be written in alphabetical order according to author surname order in 11 points in the sources section at the end of the text. Sources should be ordered by publication date if an author has more than one publication.

Examples of showing in text references according to APA style.

Single author: (Karaoğlu, 2004: 15)

Two writers: (Karaoğlu, Yılmazçelik, 2011: 10)

Three authors: (Bradley et al., 2010: 45)

Examples of showing bibliography according to APA style.

Bibliography for the journal:

Kirkman, B. L. & Rosen, B. (1999). Beyond Self-Management: Antecedents and Consequences of Team Empowerment. Academy of Management Journal, 42, 58-74.

For books:

Şimşek, M. Ş., Akgemci, T. and Çelik, A. (2001). Behavioral sciences and behaviors of organizations, Nobel Publishing Distribution, 2nd Edition, Ankara.

Daft, R. L., and Marcic, D. (2016). Understand management. Nelson Training.

Poster Work Rules

  1. Poster Sizes: 70 cm x 100 cm
  2. Margins: 2 cm from top, bottom, left and right sides.
  3. The name and logo of the symposium on the upper left corner of the poster and the name of the institution should be written on the upper right corner.
  4. Poster title: 48 pt arial and bold.
  5. Author name/ names are in 26 point font with Calibri font and bold.
  6. Author addresses and e-mails are in 26-point Calibri font.
  7. The text can be given in two columns or three columns.
  8. Text titles are in 24-point Caliber and bold.
  9. The text is in 24-point Calibri font.
  10. The posters should be designed for three parts one of them should be introduction and bibliography should be written with smaller characters.
  11. There is no color limitation in poster preparation.
  12. Shapes should be in a good size that they can be easily seen from a distance.
  13. Resource representation, bibliography, figures and tables in the text should be organized according to APA style. The participants will hang their posters at designated locations by the symposium committee.
  14. Poster holders will be informed about the posters at the time indicated on the participant’s schedule.
  15. In order to be published in SADAB as a full-text article, the accepted poster declarations should be sent to e-mail address. Referee process completed articles will be published in the Journal of Social Research and Behavioral Sciences (SADAB).

Virtual Presentation Rules

  1. Participants who will apply with video declaration should send the abstracts in word format according to the writing rules stated above. Summaries of accepted video declarations will also be published in the abstract book.
  2. The video must be reported in Mp4 or a similar format with a length not exceeding 15 minutes.
  3. Video notifications recorded in Mp4 or similar format should be sent to   
  4. In order to publish video declarations in Journal of SADAB as full text article, the video declarations should be included to the symposium program. Video presentations will be listened according to the session schedule.
  5. Video presentations must be sent to the above-mentioned e-mail address. 
  6. In order to be published in SADAB as a full-text article, the accepted poster declarations should be sent to e-mail address. Referee process completed articles will be published in the Journal of Social Research and Behavioral Sciences (SADAB).